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Alex Pereira simply defeats Jamal Hill in 3 minutes

When the UFC started in 1993, nobody expected the promotion to be a true leader in combat sports. Today, it is a powerhouse. In...

ax Holloway knocks out Justin Geechee at the last second in a crazy way

At UFC 300, Justin Gaethje attempted to defend his BMF lightweight title against Max Holloway. The Hawaiian shocked the planet! Round 1: Justin Gaethje takes...


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Here is which boxer Francis Ngannou would have the best chance of beating according to Tom Aspinall

Tom Aspinall is wading into the debate on Francis Ngannou’s chances against the world’s top heavyweight boxers. Francis Ngannou has signed for the PFL and...

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a lifesaver. When do you become a “BJJ man”?

The journey to becoming a “BJJ Guy,” deeply immersed in the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle and culture, is a unique and personal experience. It’s more than...

UFC legend Demetrius Johnson defeats a 113 kg giant in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament

JJB – Did you doubt the special status of Demetrious Johnson? The UFC legend takes on a 250-pound monster. When we talk about the best...

Royce GracieUFC Legend Royce Gracie embraces Islam leaving fans in shock

It appears that UFC legend Royce Gracie has converted to Islam. Gracie had a meeting with Eddie Redzovic (bjj black belt founder of Team...

MMA veteran Diego Braga, father of PFL finalist Gabriel Braga, murdered in Brazil by a gang over a stolen motorcycle

Retired MMA fighter Diego Braga was murdered in a Brazil slum by a gang member after he tried to recover his stolen motorcycle, police said. Braga, 44,...

Sean Strickland throws his BJJ black belt in the trash three seconds later 10 years

It took Strickland ten years to earn his BJJ black belt, and just three seconds to toss it in the trash can. His latest anti-BJJ...
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Teddy Riner aurait fortéressé l’UFC in the Japanese media Tokyo Sport, from plus, l’organisation aurait offered more than 15 million de dollars. Teddy Riner is...
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